MIX 94.5 Fred Botica and Lisa with Russell Morriss

Ladies and gents, weighing in at a massive 4.8MB the largest file ever here

this is a recent interview by one of Australia’s Best Rock -Jocks since his days at Perths heritage powerhouse 96FM, to his present home at the unbeatable MIX 94.5, it will be sad to see Fred Botica depart 94.5 but who’s to say he may not end up back at 96FM, I for one can still dream, join me as you journey back to a great time capsule on this audioFred and Lisa MIX94.596 Skyshow

2 thoughts on “MIX 94.5 Fred Botica and Lisa with Russell Morriss

  1. Great to hear Fred’s voice again……I worked with him on Radio Hauraki in NZ in the late 1970s…..then a decade later I caught up with him as he was sipping coffee in a Perth cafe as I walked by.

    He was always the epitome of a hot jock!

    1. Hi Les,
      Apologies for not getting back sooner, just saw your comments, at the moment my mind is on 26th May, Triple M Adelaide, 1 full Classic Rock Radio station (not Digital which as a standalone is brilliant, but there are no jocks) is better than having to go offshore, thanks for your comments on Fred, wow, imagine if he turned up on the M’s again, no offence Andrew Peters, great job on the imaging

      Andrew (chief jack of all trades, ha)

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