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96FMStereo aircheck Murray Dixon news

here comes another pearler from the archives of
This news audio also features FM 104 Brisbanes Late Rod Tiley 96FMs Des Austin with sport and an ad read by David Kidd, see picture associated with the ad in timeframe, thanks to Mark Jeisman for the audio and Mickey Dalton for the pics, BUT  wait, there’s more on the way from a certain female Rock jock ha, standby

96FM Perth scoped aircheck Freddy Botica Classic Cafe 2015

Freddy on Classic Cafe 2015, the cassette cover at 1:23 was purchased wayback in 1985, from a record shop in Chatswood, contained some early rock including a very young Euro gliders, at 1:49 a beautiful postcard of early Perth skyline 1977 with the now demolished but then Brand New Perth Ent Cent, found it amongst family photos, 2:01 is some stills from the Nicole Kidman, Tom Burlinson Film Windrider 1986 at Trigg Beach, some fine promos here as well from Bob Peters
Disclaimer, this material produced by purely for historical purposes and does not represent the station 96FM Perth

96FM Bob Stuart and Murray Dickson

96FM Bob Stuart and Murray Dickson

Bob Stuart and news from Murray Dickson  I suspect it is from late 1981 when Bob was on breakfast and 96FM only played one 60sec commercial in a break.  We went to traditional cluster spots on Jan 1 1982.

Thanks to Michael Dalton for this pearler, btw this is part one 2.77MB

special significance owing to the events of this week, looks like we’ve lost another Australian Rock Radio  Icon as KIIS explodes across this wide brown land, sorry if that brings on connotations, damn fine radio station is 96FM96FM Sky


96FM Darren DeMello 2007

96FM Darren DeMello 2007

Continuing the 96 workday  with Darren DeMello, sorry this aircheck is only brief the end of shift banter between Gavin and Darren is a great example of how jocks should changeover and the listener feels good hearing it too, oh yeah and “the wine appreciator” tag is a classic