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More Music 2SM Ian Mac Rae scoped aircheck final show 1982 Part 1

Part 1 of some Historic Radio as Ian Mac Rae 2SM Sydneys breakfast host presents another brilliant program before he finishes an amazing 13 year run on 2SM Breakfast

From High School days 1982 Killara High, the 8.05am Chalmers Coach on the corner and Macca and The Hon. Nick Jones giving us kiddies all the info we need even for the beachbums with Shane Steadmans surf, also featured on here Frank Fursey 1:32 and David “The Mighty “Whitey 6:08
Much thanks to Macca himself for kindly emailing me the intro here. Heavy 6:49

Cheers Macca from Andrew “Oysters”

Elton John – 99X – Radio Spot,1976

Elton John – 99X – Radio Spot,1976

One of the worst phone interactions you’re about to hear, “hello, are you going steady,” to an 11 year old, good grief and why the callers all seem to be children, I have no idea

Anyone thats interested here’s a link to more on WLOR

99x new

RA Aircheck -FM 104 Triple M Gregg Easton 1996

RA Aircheck -FM 104 Triple M Gregg Easton 1996

Andrews Legends on the Mic 4 2013

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Dateline, Rocktober 15 1996, another typical Two for Tuesday featuring some of the best Aussie, Rock n’ Roll Recall to win you cd’s, that semi driver tut,tut, love the way Gregg, highlights the incident by saying Avoid,  Avoid, Avoid, there’s even a double from Bad company, ahh yes the Classic Rock was always flowing frequently on FM 104, haven’t heard Twofer Tuesday lately except when my local Star 104.5 started doing Two For Tuesday that was under Ryan Rathbone 2006, Vic Davies, Todd Widdicombe and Kim for Breakfast, Mandy Coolen was Morning jock, Matt McHugh, Kent Small was the Music guru, oops sorry I digress, this aircheck is about Gregg Easton, one of my fellow jocks from as I shamelessly keep touting as FM 104 Rock in Stereo, Australia’s Best Classic Rock Radio station, Are you gonna challenge me on that ?

Btw, if you’re interested there’s a heap of original FM 104 airchecks on here just check the search engine on the right bar, scroll down till you hit it

Chrome ROCK

RA Aircheck – FOX FM Kevin Hillier aircheck1988 Pt 2

RA Aircheck – FOX FM Kevin Hillier aircheck1988 Pt 2

FOX Great Classic Rock copy

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Re the  aircheck  Kevin Hillier & The Morning Crew

The line up was me (Host) , Denis O’Kane (news) Paul ‘ Wally” Weissel (Sport)  he was before Grubby came on board and Diane Dunleavy (Dee Dee)

We went to Number one (all stations) early in 88 and at the end of 89 I left to join Triple M as host of Kevin Hillier & The D-Generation Breakfast Show.

That show went to number one early in 91. Great memories for me. Re Jukebox from Hell the Farnham “Sadie” induction was hilarious as John phoned in and really played along with the gag even mentioned it on stage at times I copped heaps from his fans. I was friends with John as I had him on in my 3XY days during the recording of the ‘Whispering Jack” album. He played me demos and I picked him up from Armstrong Studios several times while he was recording the album to come to 3XY.

Keep up the good work

Cheers Kev     

RA Aircheck – KROCK Steve Woods pt 2 1992

RA Aircheck – KROCK Steve Woods pt 2 1992

Here’s the winner, of the KROCK Workday comp part 2 of an aircheck kindly sent by Woodsy himself, I always loved how they copied the Rockin’ roo logo from FM 104 and the lipstick font


RA Aircheck – 2UE DICKO CONTEST CALL JAN 25 2013

RA Aircheck – 2UE DICKO CONTEST CALL JAN 25 2013


Just in listen to this classic.

Here’s a few good points from the person who sent this

There are soo many highlights to this sequence, but especially notice how the client credit follows a rave about WOMEN’S PERIODS.

And the host’s opening words “what are you calling about?” Where’s the producer? Where’s the phone person?

How can listeners enter? How will they win? When should they listen to win? Is it breakfast only or other dayparts?

And a caller so unimpressed by the prize that she’d rather talk about a previous topic.


This call HAS IT ALL!