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2UE Tim Webster scoped aircheck 230316

Last 15 minutes from Tims previous 2UE slot 1pm – 4pm recorded earlier this year, the first call here puts emphasis on the instant ability of radio as a medium to give the listener information immediately, also featured news of the French terror attacks tune in Monday from 9am after John and Garry to continue hearing Tim on the new 2UE Talking Lifestyle as the radio station re-invents itself after the 90th birthday earlier this year, there is no doubt plenty of life left in this old girl

Tim Webster 2UE Aircheck Carers in the Community

Fine example of Humility in this quick call to Tim Webster 2UE’s 1pm to
4pm announcer
In todays rapidly changing climate, here’s to a longer tenancy
Emotion was at the heart of this call,
and the need to share experiences with the broader community.
For anyone doing it tough, have Faith and if you follow religion, try
this verse Hebrews 11/6

Thanks again to Tim Webster an inspiration to so many, may there be
many more years of hearing you on our airwaves Tim.

2UE Tim Webster chats to Paul Rodgers 220114

2UE Tim Webster chats to Paul Rodgers 220114

Weekend radio is never boring when you have great stuff like this, my music jock mates will agree Paul Rodgers, have to be Rock royalty, Free, Bad Company, The Firm, and an acclaimed solo career, the song Tim selected for this even has the guest stunned, for me the ultimate Paul track “Good lovin’gone bad” from the Bad Co era, the essence of classic rock


2UE Clive Robertson and Mark Collier PT2mo

2UE Clive Robertson and Mark Collier PT2mo

here’s the final part of the talk about how to get into radio with the Director of The Australian Film Television and Radio School, Mark Collier talking to Clive Robertson


RA Aircheck – 2UE DICKO CONTEST CALL JAN 25 2013

RA Aircheck – 2UE DICKO CONTEST CALL JAN 25 2013


Just in listen to this classic.

Here’s a few good points from the person who sent this

There are soo many highlights to this sequence, but especially notice how the client credit follows a rave about WOMEN’S PERIODS.

And the host’s opening words “what are you calling about?” Where’s the producer? Where’s the phone person?

How can listeners enter? How will they win? When should they listen to win? Is it breakfast only or other dayparts?

And a caller so unimpressed by the prize that she’d rather talk about a previous topic.


This call HAS IT ALL!