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2SM and 3XY Tim Webster and Lee Simon

RA Aircheck – 2SM 3XY Tim Webster and Lee Simon Thanks for Listening

Here’s an excerpt from the History Channel Documentary “Thanks for Listening” The history of Australian Radio by Graham McNiece Productions, Tim is talking about an experience on the hotline with the then PD Rod Muir and gaps on-air, hilarious as every jock can relate to this scenario, being “chewed out ” as some radio peeps would often put it, and usually because the boss was in a bad mood no doubt he’d just had the same from his boss, also includes a quick check from 1420 3XY jock Lee Simon, very young as the photo shows3XY Lee Simon 70s

RA Aircheck -3XY Grant Goldman- GMH ad

RA Aircheck -3XY Grant Goldman- GMH ad

Going through some old airchecks recently and found this ad most probably an agency ad (remember those on the 1/4 inch reel) originated out of Sydney it’s value is priceless, also have a better quality Holden ad featuring Ken Sparkes will post later, if only I had some old 2Day FM stuff featuring Grant, anyone who’d care to contribute, check the about page