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More Music 2SM Ian Mac Rae scoped aircheck final show 1982 Part 1

Part 1 of some Historic Radio as Ian Mac Rae 2SM Sydneys breakfast host presents another brilliant program before he finishes an amazing 13 year run on 2SM Breakfast

From High School days 1982 Killara High, the 8.05am Chalmers Coach on the corner and Macca and The Hon. Nick Jones giving us kiddies all the info we need even for the beachbums with Shane Steadmans surf, also featured on here Frank Fursey 1:32 and David “The Mighty “Whitey 6:08
Much thanks to Macca himself for kindly emailing me the intro here. Heavy 6:49

Cheers Macca from Andrew “Oysters”

96FM Perth scoped aircheck Freddy Botica Classic Cafe 2015

Freddy on Classic Cafe 2015, the cassette cover at 1:23 was purchased wayback in 1985, from a record shop in Chatswood, contained some early rock including a very young Euro gliders, at 1:49 a beautiful postcard of early Perth skyline 1977 with the now demolished but then Brand New Perth Ent Cent, found it amongst family photos, 2:01 is some stills from the Nicole Kidman, Tom Burlinson Film Windrider 1986 at Trigg Beach, some fine promos here as well from Bob Peters
Disclaimer, this material produced by purely for historical purposes and does not represent the station 96FM Perth

4IP Mike Dalton feat.Molly Meldrum ad and Elvis promo

4IP Mike Dalton feat.Molly Meldrum ad and Elvis promo

Here’s a mystery grab with Elvis promo at the end, at first it was thought the big voiceover man was Col Mooney, which i said, “sounds more like Alan McGirvan”, if you know better appreciate your feedback here, btw check back soon there’s more from 4IP soon

4IP No sweat

Excerpt from 2SM’s The Concert of the Decade

This is purely from youtube, so if it disappears you’ll know why.

2SM’s original announcer Mike Drayson gives a short preface on this clip of Split Enz classic I See Red, Crowded House 1996 Farewell to the world would have been closest BIG TIME GIG the author of this post has experienced, and that probably would have been eclipsed by this at over 100k in attendance

for more great clips of this 2SM gig and for all things 2SM from 1975 to the heydays of the Sydney rock Radio Station that was an institution until around 1982  go here

4BC Phil Moroney and Gary Suprain 1973 On record

4BC Phil Moroney and Gary Suprain 1973 On record

Thanks to “The Legend” (tagged as Andrews Legends on the mic) himself for these 4BC scoped airchecks, John Brennan also does a liner for the show, well actually it’s Phil, but it will get you too for a second, enjoy “On Record” showcasing the events and music of 1973.

As this was a large file  here’s part one weighing in at 5.26MB

Btw, who else recalls Gary Suprain as the 3XY guy and the guy who set up Darwins First FM Rock station HOT 100 4BC 74 colour copy

3DB 78 Dennis Scanlan-Tom Waits

3DB 78 Dennis Scanlan-Tom Waits

Another contribution here from Anonymous who says “Dennis Scanlan was a popular daytime jock on DB-Music through the 70s and 80s. This includes an “interesting” interview with Tom Waits. It’s shortened because the tape ran out, but I think you get his drift anyway.”

DB Music sticker 70s copy

4BC Rob Brough Top 40 1980

4BC Rob Brough Top 40 1980

Holy verifications Batman, crikey, Phil “Legend” Moroney was kind enough to talk me through this audio, initially several pro’s including Ian Wright and Ted Seymour were unsure but suggested Richard Perno, and Laurie Bennett, Phil got it from 1 listen, even said Rob works on the Sun Coast.   Thats with many thanks to the people who gave more than enough info on radio in Brisbane at that time.

So this aircheck has the distinction of being the MOST researched piece of audio on theradioantenna so far, no doubt the vault has many more.


4BC 74 colour copy