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2KA Keith McGowan Image Tape pt2- 24-6-74

2KAKeith McGowan Image Tape pt2- 24-6-74

Part 2 OF A SALES IMAGING PRESENTATION, put together by Keith McGowan, here he talks about Paul, the Sales Manager and promotions held during 1974, sorry but to quote Keith, “The list goes on and and on and on…”

There will be a great time had Saturday in Melbourne at a special function held in honour of Keith, one of Australias finest radio professionals, Cheers cobber, we salute ya, Keefie

The photo on this post from Radio Info website, Peter Saxon, did a great article about Keith

ONCE AGAIN, thanks to Geoff Brown for this exclusive audio


2KA Keith McGowan Image Tape pt1- 24-6-74

2KAKeith McGowan Image Tape pt1- 24-6-74

Many thanks to former 2KA announcer Geoff Brown for passing this tape on it recalls how 2KA used to sound Before Keith initiated his change to Country, love the sound effects here this is part one, enjoy

R.I.P 2KA and our chum Keith McGowan,(9 March 1943 – 22 December 2013)


6IX Ted Bull Final Shift final hours scoped

Ted Bull Final Shift at 6IX

This sounds like 1983 with FR David and Lionel Ritchie on the 6IX playlist

Wayne Mac just gave a rundown on Ted Bulls career ” 2HD, 2CH, 2UW, 3DB, 3KZ and his longest serving post, ABC Perth. Plus he released a song or two on RCA in the ’70s. A great broadcaster.”


6IX Easy rollin

RA Aircheck – 4SB 1963 Tony MacArthur

RA Aircheck – 4SB 1963 Tony MacArthur

Historical journey to the South Burnett region and the Station now known as 1071 AM and part of the Macquarie Network and my apologies as I left this off

This guy went on to be part of the “Geoff, Tony and Bob” phenomenon at 4BC” and from the Radio Facebook page thanks to P.S. ” That name rings a bell. Wasn’t he the Tony of the “Geoff, Tony and Bob” team at 4BC in the sixties? 
Also wasn’t the (Alberts co-owned) 4SB mostly on relay from 4BC at the time? 
Maybe this program came from a studio at 4BC – just like 4AK’s Breakfast& late Afternoons (we’d call it Drive now) came from Studio 5 – “the 4AK Studio” at 4BK at the time.
The Geoff was Geoff Atkinson, and the Bob was originally Bob Smith (I think) and later Bob Wills (Wilks).
They weren’t a “team” in today’s sense – as in The Morning Team. They each did their own show, Geoff in Breakfast, Tony in Mornings and Bob in “Drive” (midday to 4 on 4BC most days”

4SB station ID