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More Music 2SM Ian Mac Rae scoped aircheck final show 1982 Part 1

Part 1 of some Historic Radio as Ian Mac Rae 2SM Sydneys breakfast host presents another brilliant program before he finishes an amazing 13 year run on 2SM Breakfast

From High School days 1982 Killara High, the 8.05am Chalmers Coach on the corner and Macca and The Hon. Nick Jones giving us kiddies all the info we need even for the beachbums with Shane Steadmans surf, also featured on here Frank Fursey 1:32 and David “The Mighty “Whitey 6:08
Much thanks to Macca himself for kindly emailing me the intro here. Heavy 6:49

Cheers Macca from Andrew “Oysters”

2MMM Club Veg Teenage Mutant Ninja Beatles

Some audio brilliance from the talented Late Vic Davies and Mal Lees otherwise known in the 90’s as the popular Triple M later networked radio show Club Veg.

Clip produced by Andrew Kilpatrick with thanks to Trevor Jackson for the audio.


Mobbs and Fletch 3MMM Aircheck 1992 once again showcasing creative genius radio talent,
this time from Peter Mobbs and Chris Fletcher former night time Rock
radio duo from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s.
Impressive use of audio grabs, is Molly really there or is this an
illusion, very clever and non – stop fun

Elton John – 99X – Radio Spot,1976

Elton John – 99X – Radio Spot,1976

One of the worst phone interactions you’re about to hear, “hello, are you going steady,” to an 11 year old, good grief and why the callers all seem to be children, I have no idea

Anyone thats interested here’s a link to more on WLOR

99x new

FM104 Jukebox 87 – Honey

FM104 Jukebox 87 – Honey

Immediately while listening to this audio, being switched on to hearing radio voices, I could tell this was Jeff Truscott, awesome as he was one of few FM 104 originals of whom I had no prior audio.

Mr “T” Rod Tiley is also featured here Bobby Goldsdboro, Honey

here’s the youtube link ROCK 2

Martin Molloy Last Show 1998 hilite1

Martin Molloy Last Show 1998 hilite1


thanks to Sebastian Bustamante for this, the original file was 1HOUR too big to put all on, so here are some highlights  it aired on Dec 4, 1998. They were due to finish at 6pm but spilled into Ugly Phil’s Hot 30 as they went over. Their last song was meant to be “Cruel” by Human Nature but the ditched it in favour of more highlights of previous shows. A fantastic montage to finish it all.


Martin - Molloy 1995 copy

4BC Walters Angels Sharyn and Pauline 290713 2030

4BC Walters Angels Sharyn and Pauline 290713 2030 (1)

Walter Williams regular guests, Sharyn Doolan and Pauline, the segment is called Walters Angels, cheerful conversations on everyday topics

scoped aircheck 11: 53, 2.72 MB

Great nightime radio from Walter, expect no less

4BC 74 colour copy

EON.FM – Jono & Dano 1986

EON.FM – Jono & Dano 1986

Big thanks to Jason Nightingale from EON FM for sharing this classic aircheck featuring The D GEN  and Jonathan Coleman (Jono) and Ian Rogerson (Dano)  with the keys to the LIBEON , hehe

here they are with Aussie Rocker Iva Davies from Icehouse