3UZ John Vertigan 1967 Scoped part one

Didn’t even realise this was in the archives, thanks to Marc McCreadie, had to scope this one it’s almost an hour long, so here’s part one, featuring from one of the most distinctive voices Kev Golsby on the Shortbread creams ad, great 60’s sounds on here

Andrew with John Vertigan Snr and Jnr

2 thoughts on “3UZ John Vertigan 1967 Scoped part one

  1. Thanks for this air check, a wonderful piece of commercial radio history. John Vertigan was one of my real favourites on ‘The Greater’, doing 2-4pm. Unfortunately, I could only ever catch the last bit of his show when I got home from school. What a great voice and faultless presentation, going on later of course to be radio’s best ever co-ordinator of race broadcasts. UZ certainly dominated the airwaves, with the best DJ’s, Don Lunn, Don Rainsford (another favourite), Alan Lappan, Ken Sparkes, Stan Rofe and I loved Saturday night’s ‘Swing Shift’ with Dick Hemming. Thanks again for posting, great memories.

    1. Great Stan, the 60’s is out of my era, but it sure paved the way for the next 20 or so years, as many are saying there’s life in the old girl yet, regardless of this i-pod generation, they’d be happy hearing a robot

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