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FM 104 Rock in Stereo scoped aircheck 1983

One of the original critique aircheck tapes that were used by PD Bill Riner, you can hear Bill giving a credit to Phil Moroneys disco show in an ad further in 4:03, there’s a few other legendary voices as well

Uploaded by Andrew Kilpatrick with thanks to Phil Moroney

The Continuing History of FM 104, New Revised HD version Episode 1

Produced by Andrew Kilpatrick using the resources of the radio antenna this extensive series documents the history of Brisbanes 1st Commercial FM 4MMM, and how it
evolved into FM 104 Rock In Stereo, the current series covers 1980 to 1989, the Leo G. Williams era

This is the new HD revised version

The Continuing History of FM 104 Episode 3

Once again from the resources of The Radio Antenna Episode 3 focuses on Rock Patches a phone interview with the original
Promotions and Marketing Manager, Tony Edwards, and a chat with
Announcer Jeff Truscott, Skyshow will be Episode 4

FM 104 Phil Moroney Aircheck scoped1983

This is an original aircheck from Phil Moroney himself, 1 of 3 they were actually used by Bill Riner to review and critique performance, The Noosa Aussie Hop gig mentioned continued annually as I have featured one of the 1985 Rock Patches, FM 104 indeed hosted some of the most memorable Australian rock concerts through the 80’s

FM 104 Brisbane Andrew Kilpatrick 1986 scoped 60

FM 104 Brisbane Andrew Kilpatrick 1986 scoped 60

Just managed to scope this one from a TDK cassette and thanks to a handy tip from Ewan J. whittled down the songs a little more, the thing i love most about these is recalling all the great tracks we played, and a superb conversation was had when the original GM phoned the other day  to remind me of the yellow cards El supremo PD Bill Riner had devised for album cuts, such as Peter Frampton Lying and Steely Dan Deacon Blues, being a full classic rock radio station we also covered soft rock such as Christopher Cross sailing and George Benson Give me the night while at the same time breaking new artists on Australian radio such as Oingo Boingo Stay and Kids in the Kitchen Current standCopy (2) of FM 104 logo pic copy

FM 104 various1985

FM 104 various 1985

A rainy Sunday arvo prompts me to go to the archives and dust off some classic audio from my FM 104 days, and what an experience working with the best voices still in radio today

Here’s some Phil Moroney, John English, ┬áVocoder, Moir with some Zep and David Kersten

FM 104 Angels

FM104 Jukebox 87 – Honey

FM104 Jukebox 87 – Honey

Immediately while listening to this audio, being switched on to hearing radio voices, I could tell this was Jeff Truscott, awesome as he was one of few FM 104 originals of whom I had no prior audio.

Mr “T” Rod Tiley is also featured here Bobby Goldsdboro, Honey

here’s the youtube link ROCK 2