FM 104 new Ausrock (1)

Not sure who the big ballsy read is from here, after hearing Scott McBain from Adelaide, somehow I doubt it would be him as the station back in 1995 used local voices apart from Steve Britten.

Recently the original FM 104 Lunchbox was re-introduced to the present day station, Triple M 104.5, and the PD even contacted Billy Healy who was in fact both the Music Director and the 2nd original breakfast announcer at 4MMM after it became FM 104 Rock in Stereo, Rod “Mr T” Tiley (News Director) was also paired with Bill and they became constant ratings winners.


FM 104 Rock in stereo

5 thoughts on “FM 104 new Ausrock (1)

    1. Shaun, thanks for stopping by, the late Jim Pilgrim had the big voice but it’s not him.
      Keep enjoying the radio antenna.
      Cheers Andrew

      1. I’ve had another to listen to this and to me the VO has a “very similar” vocal tone to Jim Pilgrim. You say “it’s not him” it seems that’s your opinion when to me my opinion is it’s Jim Pilgrim so i’d say that’s who you are hearing here.

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