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The Continuing History of FM 104 Episode 3

Once again from the resources of The Radio Antenna Episode 3 focuses on Rock Patches a phone interview with the original
Promotions and Marketing Manager, Tony Edwards, and a chat with
Announcer Jeff Truscott, Skyshow will be Episode 4

RA Aircheck -4MMM Rod Lockington 1980

RA Aircheck -4MMM Rod Lockington 1980

Here’s more GOLD from one of the original 4MMM FM jocks “Locko” as he was known with a Superset, another word for a Classic Rock Triple Play, this snapshot also¬†features then Program Director¬†Ted Seymour on the Triple M film festival Promo the triple M back then had nothing to do with 2MMM FM that connection came later when Hoyts Media purchased the station

below is the unique original logo some likened to a paper clip, the slogan was “You won’t believe your ears”