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4IP Mike Dalton feat.Molly Meldrum ad and Elvis promo

4IP Mike Dalton feat.Molly Meldrum ad and Elvis promo

Here’s a mystery grab with Elvis promo at the end, at first it was thought the big voiceover man was Col Mooney, which i said, “sounds more like Alan McGirvan”, if you know better appreciate your feedback here, btw check back soon there’s more from 4IP soon

4IP No sweat

4IP Color Radio and Here comes the music 1008 TV ads

the 1st cinema ad here was from 1974 More Music Colorful 4IP my research on these ads had 2 of the original jocks thinking same as the denim logo came in late 79′ and the 2nd ad here features a gold record and guitar

The line-up for the 1st ad was (from Wayne Macs Don’t touch that Dial)

Peter Byrne, Gray Clark, James Dean, Gary Gilby, Grant Goldman, David Greenwood, Kevin Hillier,  Greg Lawson, Bruce McCartney, Ray McGregor, Geoff Mullins, Pete Rudder, Paul J. Turner, Graham Smith, Keith Williams and many more

Thanks to Grant Goldman and Phil Moroney for imparting valuable factual information on these ads,

4IP Steve Miller Promo

4IP Steve Miller Promo

You’re probably thinking, another one, ha, yes I know but the value in these crafted pieces of radio promo excellence is priceless, and once again straight from the source, here’s what Michael Dalton say’s

” Andrew,

The Steve Miller giveaway was just a standard station & record company promotion.  What is special to me is being reminded of the era when a radio station was seen as a complete 24/7 unit.  Networking changed the emphasis to promoting specific shifts (usually Breakfast & Drive) and specialised on air “crews”.   These days the rest of a stations content is merely mediocre filler between those key shifts.

At the time 4IP had a strong line up across the day/night so it was not unusual for a promo (EG: Steve Miller / Island Broadcast etc) to feature many individual jox of equal status.

The Miller spot reflects the “all for one, one for all” fun nature of the station which was often helped by the comic script writing and voice performance of Jim Pike.

This example features Keith Fowler as the fall guy, Interjections from Kevin Hillier and a voice over tag by Colin Mooney.  The concept was free flowing with a high degree of ad-lib unscripted content.  All I did was run the tape and record whatever happened then cobbled it together later.”

once again thanks Mickey4IP copy

RA Aircheck-4IP Sherbet Concert Promo 01

RA Aircheck-4IP Sherbet Concert Promo 01

Here’s what Michael Dalton sent, thanks again Mike,

“Nice to see lots of interesting material from a variety of contributors popping up on the Antenna.  Also good to see you maintaining contacts and pics with Charlie Fox, Jimmy Barnes etc etc.

Don’t have any info re: sherbet concert itself except it must have been circa 1978/79.  It would have been a routine station promotion.


Promo one is as you suggested Darryl Braithwaite and Gary Roberts.  The voice over is Kevin Hillier.  I can see why you might think it was John Torv.  The style is very similar but Torv had a pseudo Californian/America rolling R’s accent twist to his reads which instantly gives him away.

check back in future for more from the 4IP vaults

cheers you legends


4IP No sweat