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Steve Britten Accident and Birthday 2MMM

Legendary media voiceover man Steve Britten was hit by a Jag whilst riding his Harley here is the audio explained by Doug must be circa late 80’s Brittos gets a shoutout on the hughely popular Doug Mulray 2MMM breakfast show with acast of 1000’s . Here Uncle Doug, gets the late Michael Hutchence to give Steve a special Birthday message. IMHO, Steve you are the Aussie version of the late Don La Fontaine Cheers from Oysters

2MMM Club Veg Teenage Mutant Ninja Beatles

Some audio brilliance from the talented Late Vic Davies and Mal Lees otherwise known in the 90’s as the popular Triple M later networked radio show Club Veg.

Clip produced by Andrew Kilpatrick with thanks to Trevor Jackson for the audio.


Doug Mulray says his famous goodbye on the diner

This is an excerpt from the ARC Music TV show The Diner
hosted by Ian Rogerson circ a1996
Doug explains the sequences and audio in the audio at the end of each
of his famous 2MMM breakfast shows
from the archives of the radio antenna dotcom
Australias only Radio Aircheck resource

2MMM Doug Mulray Last Show 1992 feat Sue Moses and David White

2MMM Doug Mulray Last Show 1992 feat Sue Moses and David White

Yes the phones were running hot here with the Dougie faithful jamming the House of M’s switch, amongst the cast of thousands who regularly contributed to making this Australia’s number one breakfast radio show, Sue Moses, then Rock Jock extraordinaire and Host of Nightmoves and various other TV shows now PR guru.

David White can be heard ensuring all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted and Alison Drower on the News scene

2MMM FM 1988 rad ant

2MMM FM Test transmissions 1980

2MMM FM Test transmissions 1980

A unique piece of audio history, contains Tim Webster, Pete Rudder, Tony Hartney, The full unedited station profile and Bob Hughes, these 4 together with Noel Miller and Peter Sinclair made up the innaugural on-air line up 1980

thanks to Andrew Host for this audio

btw this file is 6.9mbPDVD_570

2MMM FM first on-air 1980 copy