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Doug Mulray says his famous goodbye on the diner

This is an excerpt from the ARC Music TV show The Diner
hosted by Ian Rogerson circ a1996
Doug explains the sequences and audio in the audio at the end of each
of his famous 2MMM breakfast shows
from the archives of the radio antenna dotcom
Australias only Radio Aircheck resource

4IP Color Radio and Here comes the music 1008 TV ads

the 1st cinema ad here was from 1974 More Music Colorful 4IP my research on these ads had 2 of the original jocks thinking same as the denim logo came in late 79′ and the 2nd ad here features a gold record and guitar

The line-up for the 1st ad was (from Wayne Macs Don’t touch that Dial)

Peter Byrne, Gray Clark, James Dean, Gary Gilby, Grant Goldman, David Greenwood, Kevin Hillier,  Greg Lawson, Bruce McCartney, Ray McGregor, Geoff Mullins, Pete Rudder, Paul J. Turner, Graham Smith, Keith Williams and many more

Thanks to Grant Goldman and Phil Moroney for imparting valuable factual information on these ads,