3FOX FM Assorted 1986

Background on this assortment is sketchy forgive me if i’m wrong, sounds like Mark Lea, 10am -2pm jock although the timecall say’s 28 past 8, but the SHOUT Promo from Barry Bissell stands out and Phil Huzzard can be heard as well, love the news segue, almost forgot Rob Gell

FOX FM 101

4 thoughts on “3FOX FM Assorted 1986

  1. Hi Andrew,

    The VO here is Peter Lang. Now living on the Sunshine Coast and a commercial pilot.

    I’d love it if you had some of my air checks though. Simply didn’t appreciate it at the time. My kids still find it hard to believe I was on the Fox.

    Love your work.

    Phil Huzzard

    1. Thank You Phil, this surprise response is greatly accepted and appreciated, as the time and effort taken to uncover the work of announcers like you and others have contributed to our radio industry here in Australia, can sometimes leave the impression no one is listening to the website or cares for that matter, to turn on the computer and read your email, then hear LRB Cool Change played on the radio again, my day is off to a flying start.

      Yes if I find some Phil Huzzard airchecks I will do the usual email alert routine
      PS, tell your kids, Cover to Cover was also one of your best, 2Day FM aired it here

      Again Thank you

      Andrew J.

  2. Gedday Andrew, just to let you know, the announcer is moi, not Mark Lea as suggested. Glad you liked the news seque. (Fox fm assorted 86)

    1. Thanks Mark, but I think Jan may have beat you to it, the piece of music as a news segue was very innovative and effective

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