RA Aircheck-4IP Sherbet Concert Promo 01

Here’s what Michael Dalton sent, thanks again Mike,

“Nice to see lots of interesting material from a variety of contributors popping up on the Antenna.  Also good to see you maintaining contacts and pics with Charlie Fox, Jimmy Barnes etc etc.

Don’t have any info re: sherbet concert itself except it must have been circa 1978/79.  It would have been a routine station promotion.


Promo one is as you suggested Darryl Braithwaite and Gary Roberts.  The voice over is Kevin Hillier.  I can see why you might think it was John Torv.  The style is very similar but Torv had a pseudo Californian/America rolling R’s accent twist to his reads which instantly gives him away.

check back in future for more from the 4IP vaults

cheers you legends


4IP No sweat

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