RA Aircheck -FM 104 Triple M Gregg Easton 1996

Andrews Legends on the Mic 4 2013

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Dateline, Rocktober 15 1996, another typical Two for Tuesday featuring some of the best Aussie, Rock n’ Roll Recall to win you cd’s, that semi driver tut,tut, love the way Gregg, highlights the incident by saying Avoid,  Avoid, Avoid, there’s even a double from Bad company, ahh yes the Classic Rock was always flowing frequently on FM 104, haven’t heard Twofer Tuesday lately except when my local Star 104.5 started doing Two For Tuesday that was under Ryan Rathbone 2006, Vic Davies, Todd Widdicombe and Kim for Breakfast, Mandy Coolen was Morning jock, Matt McHugh, Kent Small was the Music guru, oops sorry I digress, this aircheck is about Gregg Easton, one of my fellow jocks from as I shamelessly keep touting as FM 104 Rock in Stereo, Australia’s Best Classic Rock Radio station, Are you gonna challenge me on that ?

Btw, if you’re interested there’s a heap of original FM 104 airchecks on here just check the search engine on the right bar, scroll down till you hit it

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