RA Aircheck – 4BK Richard Perno 1979

Heard Richard on 2Day FM in the 80’s that makes this my 3rd installment of “Legends on the mic”  this is some fine 70’s talk  and 4BK Music notice the Late Ray McGregor and his don’t drink and drive message at the end

Les Cook is one of a few dedicated folk who have gone out of their way to share this stuff, c’mon guys go to that junk pile in your garage ( or shed as  someone called it recently ) get the tapes and let’s have them to share, there Andrew has spoken, over to you now, the antenna is fired up

One thought on “RA Aircheck – 4BK Richard Perno 1979

  1. Richard and I briefly crossed paths at 2AD Armidale in 1973 where he was the outgoing Breakfast personality and I was his replacement. I was gone after a week, as the then Management sacked me after I came down ill. Hepatitis was the problem and I was laid low for 2 months, before returning to 3LK Horsham, where I stumbled into Sales, as well as maintaining some on-air work.

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