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Something is fishy about this audio, The first song played was Rush, Spirit of the radio not Vapors Turning Japanese which was the second or 3rd song in the set, and if you listen carefully sounds like somebody dropped it in from an edit, maybe it’s just me?

Happy 33rd to the Mighty House of M’s

2MMM FM first on-air 1980 copy

RA Aircheck-2MMM FM John Peters 1996 3

RA Aircheck-2MMM FM John Peters 1996 3

His use of sfx create a fun listening environment, no wonder JP has been at so many radio stations over the years

Number 3 this year for legends on the mic, not that it’s a big deal but these are the jocks who stood out for me in terms of skill and presentation

rock classics

RA Aircheck – 1992 Triple M asstd imaging x 3

RA Aircheck – 1992 Triple M asstd imaging x 3

2MMM FM 1988 rad ant

Many thanks to David at Song Zu for these archived jingles originally produced by Song Zu productions Les Gocks baby

Here’s what Charlie Fox kindly sent as his timeful recollection of these jingles from when he was the PD at the house of M’s in the 90’s

We (myself & Ian Grace) starting making jingles like these back in the 80s at 2SM – when 2SM was ‘Rock of the 80s’.

The idea is to get samples of songs that defined the station sound and get Les (Gock of Song Zu studios) to re-create them as jingles.

But not too close that we would break copyright!
We did the same thing at MMM –  Les & the team did an AWESOME job as you can hear.

based on, but ‘SOHO’ is obviously The Clash ‘Should I Stay or Should I go’.

Must say this is the first installment from the zu check back soon for more goodies