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96FM Perth scoped aircheck Freddy Botica Classic Cafe 2015

Freddy on Classic Cafe 2015, the cassette cover at 1:23 was purchased wayback in 1985, from a record shop in Chatswood, contained some early rock including a very young Euro gliders, at 1:49 a beautiful postcard of early Perth skyline 1977 with the now demolished but then Brand New Perth Ent Cent, found it amongst family photos, 2:01 is some stills from the Nicole Kidman, Tom Burlinson Film Windrider 1986 at Trigg Beach, some fine promos here as well from Bob Peters
Disclaimer, this material produced by theradioantenna.com purely for historical purposes and does not represent the station 96FM Perth

Classic Rock 95.3 Alex Dean break 2011

Classic Rock 95.3 Alex Dean break 2011

From Feb 2011 The Top 1000 classic rock countdown, will never forget this one because I rang Alex Dean, they played Robbie Williams as part of this countdown and that wasn’t the only misplaced track, but as a whole a great effort with some top notch imaging from the media militia, Steve Britten and Bob Peters

classic rock 95.3fm air guitar

4IP Steve Miller Promo

4IP Steve Miller Promo

You’re probably thinking, another one, ha, yes I know but the value in these crafted pieces of radio promo excellence is priceless, and once again straight from the source, here’s what Michael Dalton say’s

” Andrew,

The Steve Miller giveaway was just a standard station & record company promotion.  What is special to me is being reminded of the era when a radio station was seen as a complete 24/7 unit.  Networking changed the emphasis to promoting specific shifts (usually Breakfast & Drive) and specialised on air “crews”.   These days the rest of a stations content is merely mediocre filler between those key shifts.

At the time 4IP had a strong line up across the day/night so it was not unusual for a promo (EG: Steve Miller / Island Broadcast etc) to feature many individual jox of equal status.

The Miller spot reflects the “all for one, one for all” fun nature of the station which was often helped by the comic script writing and voice performance of Jim Pike.

This example features Keith Fowler as the fall guy, Interjections from Kevin Hillier and a voice over tag by Colin Mooney.  The concept was free flowing with a high degree of ad-lib unscripted content.  All I did was run the tape and record whatever happened then cobbled it together later.”

once again thanks Mickey4IP copy