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Mobbs and Fletch 3MMM Aircheck 1992

theradioantenna.com once again showcasing creative genius radio talent,
this time from Peter Mobbs and Chris Fletcher former night time Rock
radio duo from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s.
Impressive use of audio grabs, is Molly really there or is this an
illusion, very clever and non – stop fun

Mobbs and Fletch NEW FM 1990

Mobbs and Fletch NEW FM 1990

The tape was  a bit dicey on this transfer and it is out of phase pity i don’t have an oscilloscope that’d fix it, not to worry you get the picture these 2 clowns ( I use that term loosely and with respect)  were great entertainment  Might be lucky and dig up some rockshop calls

Legends on the Mic Number 5 for 2013 YEEHAA

NEW FM Original copy