Mobbs and Fletch NEW FM 1990

The tape was  a bit dicey on this transfer and it is out of phase pity i don’t have an oscilloscope that’d fix it, not to worry you get the picture these 2 clowns ( I use that term loosely and with respect)  were great entertainment  Might be lucky and dig up some rockshop calls

Legends on the Mic Number 5 for 2013 YEEHAA

NEW FM Original copy

One thought on “Mobbs and Fletch NEW FM 1990

  1. Mobbs & Fletch was must listen to radio, real personality. They did that parody of “I’m Too Sexy”. One of their “best” jokes. Q: What’s yellow and black and sits on the bottom of a pond? “Dunno what…” A: A tractor.

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