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FM 104 Rock in Stereo scoped aircheck 1983

One of the original critique aircheck tapes that were used by PD Bill Riner, you can hear Bill giving a credit to Phil Moroneys disco show in an ad further in 4:03, there’s a few other legendary voices as well

Uploaded by Andrew Kilpatrick with thanks to Phil Moroney

The Continuing History of FM 104, New Revised HD version Episode 1

Produced by Andrew Kilpatrick using the resources of the radio antenna this extensive series documents the history of Brisbanes 1st Commercial FM 4MMM, and how it
evolved into FM 104 Rock In Stereo, the current series covers 1980 to 1989, the Leo G. Williams era

This is the new HD revised version

The Continuing History of FM 104 Episode 3

Once again from the resources of The Radio Antenna Episode 3 focuses on Rock Patches a phone interview with the original
Promotions and Marketing Manager, Tony Edwards, and a chat with
Announcer Jeff Truscott, Skyshow will be Episode 4

FM104TripleM Rocks Greatest hits imaging from 1995

This is a quick sample of imaging from Brisbanes FM104Triple M in 1995 Phil Moroney was the station voice and voice of Nine Queensland, this was part of an on-air campaign to entice listeners away from 4KQ who were the “Latest Memories, Greatest Hits” station with Bob Gallagher as PD and yours truly on the overnight and some weekend gigs, and btw 6 hours is a marathon shift, but Monday mornings were awesome with Laurel and Kim on brekky and John Knox as my newsreading mentor, now there’s a thought, why did I not go into news.

I just love how at any given time John Knox can still be heard every TOH with the “4KQ693AM News” news intro, rack up some TSL’s and you’ll hear Phil with more classic imaging

FM 104 new Ausrock (1)

FM 104 new Ausrock (1)

Not sure who the big ballsy read is from here, after hearing Scott McBain from Adelaide, somehow I doubt it would be him as the station back in 1995 used local voices apart from Steve Britten.

Recently the original FM 104 Lunchbox was re-introduced to the present day station, Triple M 104.5, and the PD even contacted Billy Healy who was in fact both the Music Director and the 2nd original breakfast announcer at 4MMM after it became FM 104 Rock in Stereo, Rod “Mr T” Tiley (News Director) was also paired with Bill and they became constant ratings winners.


FM 104 Rock in stereo

4IP Mike Dalton feat.Molly Meldrum ad and Elvis promo

4IP Mike Dalton feat.Molly Meldrum ad and Elvis promo

Here’s a mystery grab with Elvis promo at the end, at first it was thought the big voiceover man was Col Mooney, which i said, “sounds more like Alan McGirvan”, if you know better appreciate your feedback here, btw check back soon there’s more from 4IP soon

4IP No sweat

TOP 100 Australian radio announcers 79-2015 comp

TOP 100 Australian radio announcers 79-2015 comp

At the request of another radio announcer here’s list number 1, already created quite a stir┬áthere’s heaps who missed out fitting in and it’s not a contest these are just people that are familiar and perhaps it appears subjective, that was not intended just the way it turned out and I might add a lot of thought went into this list


feel free to add or comment2UEKM