SEA FM Devonport Launch 1989 – scoped

Amazing again, a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous has come up with more gold featuring Ray McGregor  and The Mayor of Devonport, Not to sure about the other voices one of them sounds like Jeff Allis, “Sea FM Devonport launch 1989 – Highlights. The full thing goes 43 minutes, so I’ve edited it down to the best bits. ”

909 SEA FM

5 thoughts on “SEA FM Devonport Launch 1989 – scoped

  1. Awesome aircheck… thanks for sharing!

    One minor feedback. 1989 was the launch of the original Sea FM on the Gold Coast but while I don’t know the year Sea FM debuted in Devonport I imagine it was many years after the Gold Coast. Some of those tracks featured are definitely post-1990 or maybe even 2000.

    1. No mix up just the source of this audio was unsure but ACMA lists launch date as SEA FM 10353 107.7 MHz Northern Tasmania Broadcasters Pty
      you almost had it hehe

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