5 thoughts on “6IX Ted Bull Final Shift final hours scoped

  1. Gotta admit, Ted did make it sound entertaining! Only thing wrong was putting up the “Easy Rollin'”logo … that brilliant format finished some time earlier. Ted’s now retired from the ABC and does a shift on community radio in Perth. A great radio man who knew the true meaning of preparation before a shift. Yes, that was before the days of …..55 minutes of non stop music. Come to think of it, why are music marathons still happening on radio?

    1. Hi Pete, thanks for your comments and yes that logo was all I could find and you are right it doesn’t match the time

      PS Cherie Romaro was on a winner with “Easy Rollin'” later it ended up on 2Day FM

      1. Thanks Andrew. Yes, Cherie was great in managing the Easy Rollin format after Rhett Walker developed the concept and hired those he wanted in the various shifts. I came over from Melbourne’s 3KZ to work with this radio genius. When he started up the Fox a few years later he offered me a shift there, too. I didn’t take it because I had just been put on a breakfast shift in Perth and had been working on a weekly television pop show. Plus, nobody really knew how FM was going to go … and the money was pretty ordinary. Though mind you, it was probably more than what most jocks are earning today.
        Kind regards
        Pete Brown

  2. I was senior sales rep at 6IX when Ted did his final show. We had worked closely together with many of my clients for a few years at IX with Ted doing lots of ‘live’ reads and giving my clients value for their spend. Always the radio professional, Ted obviously went on to bigger things at the ABC while 6IX continued to flounder ratings wise. His dry wit was always something to look forward to as a listener. One day I particularly remember was when Lionel Yorke went to the world premiere of ‘The Man from Snowy River’ in Melbourne. Ted said on air that he had been invited but couldn’t go as, ‘there was movement at the station’. It was a laugh out loud moment.

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