RA Aircheck – 2UW Promo 1975

Brownie just sent this background

from 1975. “California Special” promo spot. Asked the agency for a sexy young “California” voice, can’t remember the woman’s name, and not to be nasty, when she walked in, I thought…”Oh no, not young, certainly not sexy, and Aussie accent”… then she got behind the mic.

3 thoughts on “RA Aircheck – 2UW Promo 1975

    1. Hi Malcolm,

      Hope you are well, it was somewhere in 1984 when I was Officeboy at 2UE your office was right opposite.

      Great to see you on the radio antenna, my apologies for the delay in
      replying, running this website is heavily dependant on time and it;s a one man band, if you would like to send some cassettes sorry I don’t have reel machines
      Andrew Oysters

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