3 thoughts on “RA Aircheck – 2NUR FM Kev Kellaway 60s at 6 250113

  1. Yeah, still the best radio station ad on TV ever, in my opinion. Especially considering it was from the mid-80s.Says it all, with no words except the station name and slogan!Although they didn’t play the ad on TV that much the slogan at the end was heard often during the mid-80s on the radio. They used to play say 5 or 6 songs without any talking or slogans between them, then slot the “FM104 Rock in Stereo” in there but only once every hour or two. The announcer would then usually ‘back announce’ the songs played, and never talk over the start of the next song.It all sounded so smooth and professional. Even the ads sounded better. Low key.Ah, those were the days.

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