RA Aircheck-2UW Jingles circa 60s

Thanks to Les cook for this boppy little number from 2UW 1960’s era

JOHN MELOUNEY: Hummin' - The Majic Ship
JOHN BURGESS:Jessie - Paradise
WARD AUSTIN: Big Bruce - Steven Greenberg
ROD CHRISTOPHER: Get Together - Youngbloods 
JEFF HALL: Don't It Make You Want To Go Home - Joe South
JOHN CRAWFORD: The Young Folks - Diana Ross & Supremes 
GARY STEWART: Natural Born Bugie - Humble Pie
PHIL HUNTER: Don't Forget To Remember - The Bee Gees
DONNIE SUTHERLAND: Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You - The Imagination
 List above sourced from  http://www.las-solanas.com
sorry haven;t been able to find the corresponding logo …yet

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