7 thoughts on “2WL Studios 1970

  1. You sure the photo isn’t from Les Thompson? He worked at 2WL around 1969-1970. It’s on his blog page. I think it’s also in his book “Hello Ego”.

    1. Yes, Brownie, you’re right. The photo is mine and was a treasured relic in my scrapbook of some great times at 2WL. I did feature it in my book, ‘Hello Ego’. But Trevor Thompson is a wonderful guy, he was Creative Director at 2UE for quite a while.

      Les Thompson.

      1. Hi Les, Trevor had me voice some Coles ads in my 2UE days, I was the officeboy and that is where I remember you being News Director at one stage, what a great radio station for a budding young jock, there was always something going on, it was the Events Station Kathy (surname escapes me) was promotions guru, remember the millionaires breakfast


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