Radio Aircheck Ian Grace 2SM 80’s

A slight variation on the format yeah right, the new More music formula complete with jingles, very tight

Thanks to Allan Roebuck for this clip

3 thoughts on “Radio Aircheck Ian Grace 2SM 80’s

  1. I loved these More Music jingles from 1982. Charlie Foxx and Ian Grace were / are legends.
    I was glued to More Music 2SM and the energy that poured out of my radio.
    Thanks for posting.

    1. Glad to hear, you enjoyed listening to some good old classic Aussie radio.
      It takes a lot to maintain this site and just to know you are someone getting some enjoyment out of it makes it that little more worthwhile
      and I must agree with you, when I was a teen, Mondayitis was made a little easier by Macca and The Hon. Nick on 2SM Brekky
      Imagine hearing Foxy and Gracey these 2 legends back on the radio

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