2 thoughts on “RA Aircheck -Tim Carroll Gold FM Promo Ultimate Rock symphony 1998

  1. Thank You very much for digging this out of the vault.I think it may have been Mark Jennings who produced this promo,please forgive me if I’m wrong.Great days,Radio DAZE, and the value of GOLD continues to rise.I miss radio and I sometimes wonder about how much more I could have contributed if only I’d had this wiser head on those young shoulders.All the best everybody,may you all continue to “send it up the stick and out into the ether”.

    1. Thanks Tim, I found that on an old minidisc from a quick visit down there through work in 98′ as I recall the city of Melbourne was recieving a makeover, when i had recorded it i thought that voice sounds very familiar and today here we are, small world, huh.

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