96FM Bob Stuart and Murray Dickson

Bob Stuart and news from Murray Dickson  I suspect it is from late 1981 when Bob was on breakfast and 96FM only played one 60sec commercial in a break.  We went to traditional cluster spots on Jan 1 1982.

Thanks to Michael Dalton for this pearler, btw this is part one 2.77MB

special significance owing to the events of this week, looks like we’ve lost another Australian Rock Radio  Icon as KIIS explodes across this wide brown land, sorry if that brings on connotations, damn fine radio station is 96FM96FM Sky


One thought on “96FM Bob Stuart and Murray Dickson

  1. WOW….Huge thanks to all concerned. Can’t believe the quality if “ye Olde Sound Scriber.”
    Amazing coincidence…talking about Bali and I finished up doing my “Radio Bali Hyatt” shows for about 13 years…with the help of many at 96fm, including Mickey Dalton. Then I took on representing Tourism Authority of Thailand in WA. I now live in Thailand with my wife and our daughter, except my wife is currently “grounded” in the US because of flight restrictions caused by the China Virus.
    THANKS AGAIN TO ALL & theradioantenna.com

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