4BC Phil Moroney and Gary Suprain 1973 On record

Thanks to “The Legend” (tagged as Andrews Legends on the mic) himself for these 4BC scoped airchecks, John Brennan also does a liner for the show, well actually it’s Phil, but it will get you too for a second, enjoy “On Record” showcasing the events and music of 1973.

As this was a large file ¬†here’s part one weighing in at 5.26MB

Btw, who else recalls Gary Suprain as the 3XY guy and the guy who set up Darwins First FM Rock station HOT 100 4BC 74 colour copy

One thought on “4BC Phil Moroney and Gary Suprain 1973 On record

  1. Hi…. I have been trying for years to find a song I last heard played in April/May 1973. I can’t remember the song but some of the lyrics went …. I’m a well travelled man of the highway…. a pocket full of crumbs for breakfast????? roll on down the highway thumb a ride and get on home. I ‘ve tried inputting these onto several lyric sites but no luck. Thanks for any assistance.

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