6 thoughts on “RA Aircheck -5AD Love Songs 1998

    1. Thanks Les, to clarify the situation, In 1992 the station was sold to the new owners of AM station 5AD who moved quickly to transfer the high rating 5AD Easy Listening/Hits & Memories format to FM by using the 102.3 MHz frequency. This involved a lengthy simulcast of 5AD on both the AM and FM bands. It also meant 5AD leaving The Advertiser Building in King William Street to move to Radio 102FM’s studios at the old 5DN building in Tynte Street.
      Talk about confusing …lol’ hehe

    1. Thanks Ian, 2AY Albury is part of ACE is it not? 5DN was bought by 5AD Advertiser Network and then became 102 FM now it is MIX 102.3 an ARN station

      1. Affirmative on the 2AY Ace Radio Network ownership. The 5DN ownership is a real mixed bag, having gone from Hume Broadcasters originally, to Advertiser Newspapers, then the local Southern State Broadcasters consortium to today’s owners (as Cruise1323) the Australian Radio Network. After 5AD AM, on the FM band we had the ill fated X102 FM (replaced 5DN for a short period), then 5AD 102FM, with 5DN being relaunched as ‘Radio 1323’ on AM (5AD’s old frequency). It later was rebadged ‘The New 5DN’, then ‘5DN The Talk Of Adelaide’, finishing its radio life as ‘Classic Hits 5DN’ a quasi music/talk format. Phew !!! ARN ownership remains for both stations today with MIX102.3 (formerly 5AD 102FM) and ‘Classic Hits’ Cruise1323 (the former 5DN)

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