RA Aircheck – 2WS Opening Nov23 1978

Opening of 2WS Sydney Nov 23 1978  at 12.24am on the AM Band 1224. Quality not that great. First song “Blacktown Boogie ” by Dragon.

Blacktown is a  Western Sydney suburb, which was the reason for the granting of the licence, hence the call sign W Western S Suburbs, in a twist of fate, (so to speak ) 2WS in it’s present form is now WSFM 101.7 and broadcasts from a state  of the art broadcast centre with 2 other ARN stations at North Ryde no longer a Western Suburbs exclusive station credit must go to Mike Webb and his team for having the determination to have this baby, sounds even better now than then, no offence to the initial team Jonesy and Amanda are my everyday heroes WOW whata recommendation, hope the cheque is in the mail? hehe

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