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Tim Webster 2UE Aircheck Carers in the Community

Fine example of Humility in this quick call to Tim Webster 2UE’s 1pm to
4pm announcer
In todays rapidly changing climate, here’s to a longer tenancy
Emotion was at the heart of this call,
and the need to share experiences with the broader community.
For anyone doing it tough, have Faith and if you follow religion, try
this verse Hebrews 11/6

Thanks again to Tim Webster an inspiration to so many, may there be
many more years of hearing you on our airwaves Tim.



WOW, what an amazing outpouring of peoples thoughts about a man few of us radio freaks really knew if only through Facebook,
Oh who is it you ask!
“C’mon cobber” one of his favorite catchcries.
I have only had the pleasure of a few brief messages with Keith
but the thing that struck me about Keith was he always wanted to know what radio station/s you have worked at taking an interest in his peers was one of his traits also his instant ability to post about some very obscure¬†little outback radio station somewhere in this vast land always with a complete background on the picture, Keith mate, I’m starting to get a bit teary here, but whoever is reading this maybe next time you share a little piece of radio related stuff you can do as Keith always did and give us some background, I got up early this morning and recorded the tribute that 2UE played on Andrew McLarens o/night show, it was brief but it gives a little insight into the on-air antics of a man few of us crazy radio people knewKM

4BC Walters Angels Sharyn and Pauline 290713 2030

4BC Walters Angels Sharyn and Pauline 290713 2030 (1)

Walter Williams regular guests, Sharyn Doolan and Pauline, the segment is called Walters Angels, cheerful conversations on everyday topics

scoped aircheck 11: 53, 2.72 MB

Great nightime radio from Walter, expect no less

4BC 74 colour copy

RA Aircheck -2UE Brian Carlton the stir – pagans310313 (1)

RA Aircheck -2UE Brian Carlton the stir – pagans310313 (1)

recorded this earlier this year when I heard Spoonman had made the transition from the house of M’s back to where he worked at 2UE in the Eighties when I had ¬†the pleasure of working there

As I recall Brian had a great like of the rock band The Fixx, Stand or Fall and other songs good on him we used to joke around about my aspirations of becoming a “Rock-Jock” which strangely get’s me onto the book by David Day, I must get a copy