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2UE Tim Webster scoped aircheck 230316

Last 15 minutes from Tims previous 2UE slot 1pm – 4pm recorded earlier this year, the first call here puts emphasis on the instant ability of radio as a medium to give the listener information immediately, also featured news of the French terror attacks tune in Monday from 9am after John and Garry to continue hearing Tim on the new 2UE Talking Lifestyle as the radio station re-invents itself after the 90th birthday earlier this year, there is no doubt plenty of life left in this old girl

981 2NM Scoped aircheck Don Dawkins

Flashback to 1985 Muswellbrook local radio station 2NM and Don Dawkins,
this also features Frank Fursey on some imaging.3:30
Back in the day 2NM was sister station to Newcastles rock powerhouse
Thanks to Greg Henry for this aircheck, he tells me he recorded this on
an old tape deck at a farm at Bogabri

96FM Perth scoped aircheck Freddy Botica Classic Cafe 2015

Freddy on Classic Cafe 2015, the cassette cover at 1:23 was purchased wayback in 1985, from a record shop in Chatswood, contained some early rock including a very young Euro gliders, at 1:49 a beautiful postcard of early Perth skyline 1977 with the now demolished but then Brand New Perth Ent Cent, found it amongst family photos, 2:01 is some stills from the Nicole Kidman, Tom Burlinson Film Windrider 1986 at Trigg Beach, some fine promos here as well from Bob Peters
Disclaimer, this material produced by theradioantenna.com purely for historical purposes and does not represent the station 96FM Perth

FM104TripleM Rocks Greatest hits imaging from 1995

This is a quick sample of imaging from Brisbanes FM104Triple M in 1995 Phil Moroney was the station voice and voice of Nine Queensland, this was part of an on-air campaign to entice listeners away from 4KQ who were the “Latest Memories, Greatest Hits” station with Bob Gallagher as PD and yours truly on the overnight and some weekend gigs, and btw 6 hours is a marathon shift, but Monday mornings were awesome with Laurel and Kim on brekky and John Knox as my newsreading mentor, now there’s a thought, why did I not go into news.

I just love how at any given time John Knox can still be heard every TOH with the “4KQ693AM News” news intro, rack up some TSL’s and you’ll hear Phil with more classic imaging

FM 104 new Ausrock (1)

FM 104 new Ausrock (1)

Not sure who the big ballsy read is from here, after hearing Scott McBain from Adelaide, somehow I doubt it would be him as the station back in 1995 used local voices apart from Steve Britten.

Recently the original FM 104 Lunchbox was re-introduced to the present day station, Triple M 104.5, and the PD even contacted Billy Healy who was in fact both the Music Director and the 2nd original breakfast announcer at 4MMM after it became FM 104 Rock in Stereo, Rod “Mr T” Tiley (News Director) was also paired with Bill and they became constant ratings winners.


FM 104 Rock in stereo

1047Classic Triple M Laidley Poulton Tributes for doc Scoped

1047Classic Triple M Laidley Poulton Tributes for doc Scoped

Love this scoped 46 minutes of the new 1047 Classic Triple M Adelaide, Laidley Poulton, be warned this experience is “CLASSIC” 1980’s style complete with original imaging and God Bless Bernard “Doc” Neeson5MMM  web Before revert to CR 2014 copy

Smooth 91.5 Mike Perso and Jennifer Hansen 2014

Smooth 91.5 Mike Perso and Jennifer Hansen 2014

File size 5.1MB

The infectious dulcet tones of Melbournes most personable brekky duo

Mike Perso and Jennifer Aniston, oops Jennifer Hansen, bringing an air of credibility to your morning updates, outstanding radio with a cool playlist as well, before the smooth experience I was not a fan, now whenever I need some POSITIVE vibes, I just crank SMOOTH, great to hear such Happy human interactions, thats my recommendation and I’m stickin’ to it.

Happy  Birthday SMOOTH FM

mike copy